How to Tell if Someone in Your Life Needs Addiction Treatment

“How do I know if someone in my life needs addiction treatment?” “I think my loved one is really struggling with addiction, but how can I know for sure?” There are few things in life more challenging than having a loved one who’s fighting addiction. You want to be there to help them, but you also don’t want to do the wrong thing. There are some signs to look for to know, once and for all, if someone in your life is addicted.

Life Changes

A big change in personality, seemingly all at once, is a clear sign. If someone, out of nowhere, suddenly exhibits wild, dramatic mood swings often. Or, alternatively, if they’re just moodier in general. Should they be more secretive, withdrawn, depressed, or just feeling hopeless, those could be signs. Perhaps they’ve suddenly lost all interest whatsoever in the hobbies and activities that brought them joy. You’ll notice that many of these signs coincide with depression or other life problems that don’t involve addiction. Using your own intuition, “putting two and two together,” so to speak, can go a long way towards determining the truth.

Changes in their Body

Many of the changes that a person goes through when they’re addicted are visible and noticeable. Maybe their eyes are often bloodshot and/or their pupils constricted. Perhaps they go through dramatic weight fluctuations, whether losing or gaining weight often. They might “let themselves go” in terms of hygiene. With some addictions, a person could have scabs, bruises, or even paleness, jaundiced skin, and more. If someone you care about only has one or two of these, it could be something other than addiction. However, taken as a whole, it can add up.

What Else to Look for and What to Do

Some of the hardest parts of having a loved one in your life struggle with addiction is seeing all of the negative consequences that come from the addiction. Maybe their performance at work has “fallen off of a cliff,” perhaps they’ve gotten into some kind of financial trouble, or maybe they’re even in “hot water” legally. That said, as difficult as this all can be, there are steps you can take. We’re here to serve as a resource. We can help.

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